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Newborn Care Specialists 

Postpartum Doulas 

Sleep Consultants 



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Newborn Care Specialist (formerly called baby nurse)

A newborn care specialist is a highly trained individual specializing in the care of newborns. She will provide outstanding in-home services for your family. Starting the day you are home with your newborn until the baby sleeps through the night at three months old. Yes- Our goal is to have your baby sleeping through the night 11-12 hours by 3-4 months.  Newborn Care Specialists care for the newborn during the night so you can get the rest you need to manage the next day's challenges. She will collaborate with you to get your newborn on a sleeping and eating schedule that fits your family's individual needs. Our Newborn Care Specialists will educate all members of your family in infant care and techniques to ensure that when their work with your family is complete, all family members are left feeling comfortably transitioned into their new role in caring for your newest family member. In the past many people called a Newborn care specialist a baby nurse . Since we are not registered nurses we no longer call ourselves baby nurse. 



This will give parents at least a 5 hour stretch of sleep at night.


Postpartum Doula

Provides whatever a mother requires to best enjoy and provide infant care for her new baby following the weeks after birth. She will make sure the new mother is always fed, well hydrated, and comfortable. Light housekeeping, Your Postpartum Doula will support and guide you with information in infant care with the mother and other family members, giving them confidence. By providing this support and care, the risk of postpartum depression, or baby blues, is greatly reduced. A postpartum doula's support will promote effortless bonding between mother and baby, due to lack of stress and exhaustion, and added confidence in parental ability.

Infant Care Telephone Coaching

If you are a new parent on a limited budget this service is for you! We now offer telephone support in infant care for the first time parents. Have no idea what to do? Have no one to turn to for advice? You are not alone- we are here for you! Every day we will talk about any questions or concerns you may have in those first difficult weeks. New topics everyday, including up to date tips of the trade. We are here to give you the confidence that is needed to become the best parent you can be. You can now have your very own  Newborn Care Specialist or Postpartum Doula. 


Are you sleep deprived? Signs of sleep deprivation are irritability, tiredness, stress, memory loss and poor concentration. We specialize in no cry sleep methods from newborns to toddlers. If you can't take another sleepless night, we can help get your child to easily sleep through the night. Our sleep consultants will work with you based on your child's age and unique needs. We use gentle sleep methods with a no cry solution as often as we can. Our sleep consultants with Newborn Angel Care are here to help.

Now offering


4-5 hours per night

Do you have a hard time putting your baby to sleep?  Let us help we can come in at bedtime routine & get your baby asleep.   We will work with you and  show you the tips you need to get your baby to sleep through the night.


10-12 hours per night 

Are you tired of waking up 4-5 times a night?  Call us and we can finally get you and your baby a good nights sleep. 


After submitting a sleep questionairre & a 2 night sleep log I will provide you a customized sleep plan with 2 weeks of telephone text or call support.  Don't waste another night of no sleep Call today to start your sleep plan. 

Infant Sitters

 Need a sitter for your newborn and don't want to leave your baby with just anyone.  Have a newborn care specialist care for your baby.  With over 20 hours of training you will have no worries knowing your baby is in good hands. Why hire a sitter with no training when you can hire the best.

$25 hourly rate

Baby Basics Classes

In home, two-hour, private class, teaching you all you need to know for the first 3 months. Through Newborn Angel Care, each class features instruction on swaddling, bathing, cord care/circumcision care, basic safety, your newborn appearance, sleep, activities, breastfeeding/formula, and scheduling. Everything that's needed for infant care. After this class, you will have more confidence in your parenting skills as you embark on your new journey into parenthood. Follow up phone calls and/or texts are provided to answer any remaining questions.


Don't know what you need? She will guide you! Don't know what to do? She will encourage you! Call Newborn Angel Care today for inquiries and pricing!