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N​ewborn Care Specialists 

Postpartum Doulas 

 Sleep Consultants 


About Me

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Dianne Mayor cancs

(Certified Advanced Newborn Care Specialist)

previously called baby nurse

Postpartum doula

Sleep Consultant

Night Nanny

Las Vegas & Henderson, NV

(702) 448-2732

(516) 458-5153

[email protected]

Dianne Mayor 

Certified Advanced Newborn Care Specialist

(previously called baby nurse)

First certified Postpartum doula in Las Vegas

Sleep Consultant

Night Nanny

Childcare Educator

CPR/FIRST AID certified

Las Vegas & Henderson, NV

Cell phone (516) 458-5153

[email protected]

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After helping my daughter with infant care when my granddaughter was born. I realized that there are so many new parents that need specialized infant care in the Las Vegas area. I found out there was a name to what I was already doing: a postpartum doula. After 2 years of training with Doulas of North America, I became the first certified  Postpartum Doula in Las Vegas. Since then, I have completed certification as an Advanced Newborn Care Specialist (Formerly known as baby nurse).  Certified through the Newborn Care Specialist Association (NSCA) becoming the first certified newborn care specialist in Las Vegas. I am currently working on my sleep consultant certification. 

 Experience counts when choosing your care provider.

Experienced in:

              • Multiples
              • Postpartum mood disorders
              • Reflux issues
              • Breastfeeding
              • Premature newborns
              • Jaundice
      • Scheduling
      • Sleep issues
      • Surrogacy
      • Adoption
      • Circumcision care
      • Newborn care

Certifications and Training

Oct 2016


CPR/First Aid

Gentle Ventures Newborn Care Specialist (formerly known as baby nurse) Master Workshop

w/ The Justin Trio

March 2016

Certified as an Advanced Newborn Care Specialist with the NCSA

**Currently the only C.A.N.C.S. in Southern Nevada**

w/ The Justin Trio

Oct 2015

Sleeping Newborns Mentorship Training with the NCSA

w/ The Justin Trio

Oct 2013

Girl Scout Leader Training with the Girl Scout Association of Southern NV

w/ The Justin Trio

May 2012

Postpartum Doula certification with Doulas of North America (DONA)

**First certified doula in Southern Nevada**

w/ The Justin Trio

March 2012

Citizen emergency response team (CERT) training

w/ The Justin Trio

Jan 2011

Postpartum Doula workshop with Doulas of North America (DONA)

w/ The Justin Trio

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I have worked with numerous families in Las Vegas and Henderson throughout the years. My resume and references are always available for review. Call or email Newborn Angel Care for inquiries and pricing!